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"Metal World" LTD is one of the largest companies in Armenia producing tin cans and lids (Twist off and «SKO 1-82»). It was founded in 2004, and thanks to its high quality product and highly multi-experienced performance, it has gained the trust of its reputable partners. "MW" works exclusively with imported raw materials from Europe and besides satisfying the needs of the internal market, it also exports its product to different countries.

The factory has also the latest line manufacturing Twist off and «SKO 1-82» lids. «MW» produces lids with diameters Ø43, Ø53, Ø66, Ø82mm, as well as different diameter tin cans Ø65, Ø73, Ø99, Ø153mm. The company is effectively cooperating with the organizations which satisfy the requirements of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, constantly improving the production process and product quality. «Metal World»`s priority is the full satisfaction of its partners` requirements

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Production of tin cans

The production of tin cans is an unimaginable complex process which undoubtedly requires some knowledge in this field. The complete production technology involves several activities which have clear sequence and purpose. In addition, the factory accepts exclusively high quality raw materials.

Tin cans are made of lacquered tinplate for food canning. They have thickness from 0.18 to 0.22, which are cut and rolled. After getting the shape of cylinder, they are taken to the welding part. The side seam, from inside and outside, is covered with anti-corrosion coating, after which tin can passes through the oven to dry. The edge of the can is flanged and seamed. Tin cans are tested with water pressure under (1,2) atmosphere. At the end, the finished production is placed on pallets.

Lid production

In a relatively short period of time “SKO 1-82” and “Twist-off” lids have won the trust of consumers and are in high demand both on the national and CIS markets.Production is used with the purpose of food products canning in industrial conditions using the pasteurization regimes and home conditions. "SKO 1-82" and "Twist-off" lids are manufactured from electrolytic tinplate of No. 18 and No. 20 intended for canning food products with the use of modern paint and varnish coatings with increased resistance to mechanical damage, durability in alkaline and acidic environments during sterilization at 120°C and pasteurization.

This process is especially important for the further preservation of canned food.The lids are packed into thermo-saving plastic bags of 50 pcs, and placed in corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes or polyethylene bags. Such type of packaging makes it possible to safeguard the products during transportation and storage.


Tin cans
  • Ø65
  • Ø73
  • Ø83
  • Ø99
  • Ø153
Twist off caps
  • Ø43
  • Ø53
  • Ø66
  • Ø82
«SKO 1-82» caps
  • Ø82

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